As a Team

During customer projects, we work in teams put together to fit the needs of the customer and the task at hand. An experienced mayato team member takes charge of project management.

We place great importance on integrating you quickly into the project situation and, when doing this, pay attention to your specific abilities and experience. That’s why we give you tasks to match your skills, while at the same time offering you important opportunities to develop. Our team will always give you a strong sense of solidarity, a friendly and motivating atmosphere, plus support and recognition. At mayato, these factors are an important cornerstone for our successful project work.

We aim for you to develop!

Thanks to the size of our teams and the way they are organized, we can nurture every employee individually and tailor approaches especially to you. This applies both to the speed and to the direction of personal development. While some employees may prefer to improve their technical skills with regard to a certain software suite, others might develop an interest in an additional technology, while others again might like to become more involved in project management. The intensity of your contribution to R&D activities, publications, and press releases is also adapted to you individually. We respond to your individual wishes and are committed to implementing these wishes within a specific timeframe. Every quarter, we have a meeting to analyze together the progress you have made and plan your future at mayato. In such a way, we can devise your personal career and development path.

Get to know mayato and our personalities through our company video, or sample a little mayato team spirit by taking a look at our event gallery. Find out what we’re like and imagine what your future could be like in the mayato team!