mayato helps you get the most out of your information and optimize your market opportunities. Together with you, we develop and implement strategies and architectures for business intelligence and business analytics to safeguard your company’s success in the long term. All our services support the decision makers at the various levels within your company in making safe and perfect decisions by providing the necessary information and deploying suitable analysis tools and forecasting methods.

As an analyst and consulting company, we at mayato specialize in business intelligence and business analytics. We provide the full range of relevant services and a team of experienced IT and BI architects, statisticians, analysts, and business experts. Our mayato team:

  • Investigates and evaluates technologies, tools, and trends
  • Draws up business blueprints and optimizes company processes
  • Drafts and implements BI infrastructures
  • Assists companies in analyzing data, especially where complex statistical procedures or data mining are involved

Our technical expertise is supplemented by business knowledge in many specialist areas, such as fraud management and analytical CRM.

mayato GmbH was founded in 2007, is headquartered in Berlin, and has offices throughout Germany. Our customers include renowned large and midsize companies from almost all areas of industry. As a partner of several software providers, we are committed to remaining neutral and – first and foremost – to delivering our own high-quality services.