The Business Intelligence Competence Center as a Key Part of Your BI Organization

Many BI initiatives fail and the potential of BI remains untapped because organizational aspects are neglected. Different BI systems are often used by different IT and business departments for identical tasks. Cross-company coordination simply doesn’t happen. The results are identical reports from different BI systems with inconsistent content or key figures. If there’s no central point of contact for reporting and analysis requirements, organizing the various individual report creation processes is a huge effort. At the same time, the demands on BI solutions are becoming greater, making flexible and dynamic decision and implementation processes in companies a must.

Our experience from many mayato projects has revealed that a BI competence center (BI CC) can help tackle this issue. The benefits of this cross-company and interdisciplinary department or group are:

  • A central point of contact is created for all your company’s BI activities.
  • The BI rules for your company are determined and implemented in the form of BI governance.
  • Cooperation between the IT and the business departments is formalized.
  • The implementation of the BI strategy is coordinated and monitored centrally.
  • BI project management is standardized, making it more efficient.
  • Thanks to a continuous data quality management, the conditions are created for a correct and reliable use of information in analyses and reporting.
  • The bundling of expert knowledge about business analyses, processes, and tools is supported.
  • There is better exchange of expertise and employee training is organized centrally.

We at mayato can help you set up an innovative BI organization optimally, for example, we can draft a BI strategy for you or provide specialist BI organization consulting.