Requirements Management: the Starting Point for Optimal BI Initiatives

Would you like to optimize and enhance your existing reporting, OLAP, or other analysis applications? And, at the same time, would you like to meet the increasing demands from your business departments? In your decentralized reporting landscape, would you like to separate the wheat from the chaff, by unburdening your IT department from maintaining unused data and by supporting the use of the most important reports more effectively?

Take advantage of our many years of experience in designing and implementing BI reporting applications, so that you can precisely define and execute the tasks to be completed with your reporting and analysis applications. We can help you by answering the questions below (and more):

  • For which tasks (sales management, process modeling, customer segmentation, and so on) is a BI front end required?
  • To which business processes and workflows are the tasks assigned?
  • Which BI application type (dashboard, glossy report, OLAP workbench, statistical inference, data mining, and so on) best meets your requirements?

You then receive a succinct task and process description, a reflection on and optimization of current task processing, plus a categorization of the BI applications you need. Based on this, we support you in specifying your requirements or in devising detailed business blueprints.

Requirements analysis can be a major challenge, particularly in the highly complex BI environment. To overcome this and get results fast, our BI experts draw on their wealth of experience in performing user studies and creating business blueprints. What’s more, we use methods, checklists, templates, and procedures that we have tailored to the peculiarities of BI applications.