Groundbreaking BI Strategies for Your Company

BI solutions are often based on departmental or country-specific requirements and are structured according to tactical decisions. Because this tends to lead to a jumbled, heterogeneous, and therefore highly inefficient system and application landscape, the potential of business intelligence cannot be realized to its full extent. What’s more, the plethora of “islands of analysis” leads to losses in data quality, which in turn results in incorrect reports, inconsistent results, and – in the end – serious problems for the acceptance of BI among users. At the same time, however, the complexity of information and processes is increasing in many industries. That’s why companies ranging from international conglomerates to midsize businesses need to have fully functioning BI, so that they can remain manageable and competitive.

mayato_bi_strategy_en_smallmayato can support you in designing and implementing all strategically relevant perspectives: specialist business knowledge, architecture/technology, organization. Ideally, a company’s BI strategy is aligned with its corporate and/or IT strategy. To create a BI strategy, we use our tried-and-true procedure model. However, the scope and the weighting of the BI strategy are always based on your requirements.

A BI strategy answers questions such as:

  • What types of information should we use in our company for the various operational, tactical, and strategic decisions and how should the information be used?
  • When and how often is this information needed?
  • How important is the trust in the data for the information consumers, and how should this trust be created?
  • What types of BI (data mining, OLAP analyses, standard reporting, dashboards, mobile) will be required and to what extent?
  • What must companies do from an organizational perspective with regard to BI, so that BI becomes successful through great efficiency, flexibility, and acceptance?