mayato Guides You Through the Maze of BI and BA Tools

Do you find it difficult to get a clear picture of the requirements for creating data analyses and reports, due to the size and complexity of your organizational structure? And – at the same time – are you confronted with the task of finding the right reporting and analysis tools among the many on offer?

mayato_bi_tool_en_smallBut you want to have the right BI tools to ensure that your corporate users are satisfied and successful? mayato can help you select the optimal reporting and analysis tools systematically and for long-term use, taking into account functional, strategic, technological, and financial criteria.

In the end, you’ll have a differentiated, transparent, and quantified decision-support paper based on assessments made by independent consultants with considerable tool expertise. To safeguard the objectivity, completeness, and relevance of the assessments, we draw on our own tools and methods. For example, to select reporting tools, we have a mature set of criteria. This set is based on many years of experience in designing and implementing software solutions and on our knowledge of various reporting tools (for example, SAP BEx Analyzer, SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos BI, ORACLE BI, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, MicroStrategy, QlikView). The selection and weighting of the criteria are tailored to your specific requirements.

In addition to such project-based tool assessments, our BI analysts continuously test the latest BI tools that become available on the market. One example of this is our Data Mining Study, which has examined new topics and tools every year since 2009 and has been highly praised in the press.