Take Advantage of Our Extensive SAP BW Experience

Architecture, DWH-Processes, and Data Modelling

In order to make widespread business data available in a consolidated, historicized fashion, a well-engineered Data Warehouse technology is needed. According to our experience, SAP offers with its Business Warehouse a solid basis technology, with which we are able to implement a plethora of requirements from your behalf. Our consultants configure and optimize SAP BW to suit your needs.

Are you faced with the challenge of consolidating data from various operational systems for a number of information consumers within and beyond your company (for example, legal and management reporting) in one SAP BW system?

mayato can design and implement a structure for all InfoProviders as a mature SAP BW architecture, tailored to the various needs of your stakeholders. Our BW experts convert the business rules required to fill these InfoProviders into the corresponding transformations.

Upgrades and Migration

Do you want to implement new SAP BW versions at a reasonable price and keep disruptions to a minimum at the same time? Do you want to adopt tried-and-true data structures and authorization concepts without going to great expense?
We can help you implement new SAP BW functionalities (for example, analysis authorizations in 7.0) and ensure that your live reporting applications are reliable.

Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and Nearline Storage (NLS)

Would you like to cut your operating costs for SAP BW by hundreds of thousands of euros, and at the same time improve the performance of reporting, reduce the load times of your BI system, and archive data while still enabling users to include this data in their reports?

We at mayato can develop an information lifecycle management strategy for your SAP BW solution. This involves us devising and implementing reliable and cost-effective archiving solutions with nearline storage for your SAP BW system.

Connecting Non-SAP BI Tools

But what if you want to access data from SAP BW, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, or other SAP components using non-SAP tools, such as those provided by SAS, QlikTech, or MicroStrategy?

Our mayato experts will support you at the stages of design, planning, and prototype installation, as well as with the integration and the go-live.

The Analysis Process Designer (APD)

Would you like to use SAP BW tools to genuinely analyze your data on an ad hoc basis and without additional software? Would you even like to use data mining methods in your analyses? And should your IT department, your auditing department, and your data protection officer also nod their approval?

We’ll draw up an ad hoc analysis strategy for your SAP BW system based on the APD. What’s more, we’ll enhance the APD according to your needs with additional analysis functions and, at the same time, we’ll ensure that it securely handles sensitive data in production operation.