Features of PM Plus PM Plus

Thanks to systemic coaching expertise, the project can be well prepared in advance, successfully launched, and then accompanied to ensure optimal progress. PM Plus anticipates reflection, analysis, and development before – or at the latest at – the start of the project, to create the greatest transparency possible, which is crucial as the project runs its course. While taking account of the conventional methods of classical project management, it enhances scope for both decisions and action, and adopts innovative methods such as swapping the roles "coach" and "consultant" depending on the situation so that employees develop optimally. The ability to adopt a different perspective is a key competence here and plays a primary role, especially when introducing change processes.

Social-dynamic processes, which represent part of company interaction in every organization and the significance of which have a direct impact on every project, also need to be considered within the framework of project management. We understand projects as social systems that have specific skills/abilities, develop an individual culture, define goals for themselves, and form structures. The identity of a project is inextricably linked with its system – and the success of a project is, too. Unlike the classical approach, which often tends to have a directive character, systemic coaching does not prescribe solutions, but rather gives support in their development. Because competence transfer, as well as project scope, needs to be understood as a primary goal to achieve sustainability, a combined observation of the factual circumstances and the personal setting in the project setup is the logical consequence of our consulting methodology. While the classical approach focuses on methodology and technology, we see the gains of PM Plus in systemically considering the social factors on the path toward achieving the goals.

Our superordinate goal of ensuring the success of your project is non-negotiable – and employees are aware of this. The key lies in the development of alternative behavior patterns that actively and collaboratively help shape and profitably optimize internal changes.