Self-Acting Data Mining, or: Data Analysis with Autofocus

The mayato analysis approach of Self-Acting Data Mining is the “automatic camera” of data mining: The right data is automatically “exposed” and there’s an automatic focus on the key analysis results. Self-Acting Data Mining combines the speed and ease of use of simple reporting systems with the enormous search domain size und forecast quality of traditional data mining:

  • No time-consuming parameterization of the analysis procedure
  • No need for many routine tasks thanks to automated data preparation
  • Radical streamlining of the analysis process – more than 70% time saved
  • Incomparably fast, even with large data quantities

Proven Itself Many Times Over

mayato_sadmmayato_en_smallWith Self-Acting Data Mining, even ambitious analysis projects can be completed faster, more reliably, and more cheaply – making them significantly more efficient. But some companies like to get started through small pilot projects: They lead to meaningful results after just a few days, thanks to our specially aligned project approach. This has already proven its worth many times over – for example, in our projects at Mercedes-Benz Bank.

The benefits can be reaped in almost every analytical situation, for example, with:

  • Customer value calculations and validations
  • Customer segmentations
  • The analysis of cross-selling and up-selling potential
  • Investigations into customer churn
  • Campaign management
  • Risk management and fraud detection

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