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Streaming Analytics: Realtime Sensor Data #mayatoVideo
22. Oct 2018

Manufacturing companies generate a particularly large amount of technical data. But great potential for process optimization and cost reduction remains untapped if this data isn’t analyzed. With a simple example, mayato shows how real-time sensor data can be used, visualized, and processed to avoid undesirable situations, such as machine breakdowns, at an early stage.

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AI to Comply with the General Data Policy Regulation
17. Oct 2018

GDPR: Making Data Anonymous

Hardly any other regulation has caused such a level of activity in companies, associations, and organizations as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After a transitional period of two years, the regulation, which applies across Europe, became effective on May 25, 2018. Since this day, any processing of personal data has been prohibited, at least initially. What may appear to be beneficial for consumers is posing major organizational challenges to companies as well as to doctors and hospitals, and raises the question: Does this regulation signify the end of data mining?


#meetmayato the VDE Event Series about Artificial Intelligence
04. Oct 2018

Dr.Cäcilia-Zirn, Data Science Beraterin bei mayato

Meet Dr. Cäcilia Zirn, our expert and Head of Artificial Intelligence at mayato, on 25th ot October 2018 at the VDE lecture series on “Artificial Intelligence, Curse or Blessing” in Frankfurt a. M.. With two further experts in the field, Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Head of the Machine Learning Group at the TU Darmstadt and Alfred Ermer, CEO arago da vinci GmbH, you will gain insights into the advantages and risks of artificial intelligence.

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mayato Develops Text Mining Analysis Model
01. Oct 2018

mayato accelerates knowledge building with text mining and successfully examines digital technologies for the manufacturing industry

Are you confronted with complex questions and would like to use research literature, articles or analyses to find answers? mayato has developed a text mining analysis model to evaluate and synthesize texts and document collections in the context of research literature.

In this white paper, mayato takes an actual example to show how productivity in R&D companies can be increased through the text mining analysis of research papers. In the example, the structuring and synthesis of literature is automated for a literature review about sensor data applications in industrial manufacturing. The results graphically demonstrate the potential of the analysis model applied.

Find out which data science methods form the basis of this model, how it is structured and which advantages companies benefit from.

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After Work #mayatoTalksData – 3rd September 2018 in Frankfurt
15. Aug 2018

On 3rd September 2018 we will continue our after-work event series #mayatoTalksData in Frankfurt. Learn more about the topic “Artificial intelligence in practical testing – the reality behind the hype” and swap ideas with mayato experts and participants over tasty drinks and snacks. The participation is free of charge. Spoken language is German.