Publications, Events, and Changes at mayato

Save Energy, Buy Time: Automated Evaluation of Sensor Data Optimizes Steel Production
17. Nov 2016

Highly complex processes are required to roll steel into a strip. A huge number of parameters have to be coordinated. At a major steel producer, thousands of sensors automatically gather data, but – until recently – this data was still evaluated manually. In close cooperation with users on the shop floor level, mayato consolidated the sensor data on a central platform and prepared it so that reports could be generated.

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mayato Obtained Customer Intelligence Specialization From SAS
17. Oct 2016

Due to continuous enhancement of knowledge and skills in unique training and successful collaborative projects in the past, mayato has been granted a specialization badge in Customer Intelligence by SAS. This certification is another demonstration of mayato’s strive to persistent improvement and attests that our customers’ trust is well-placed.


X-Ray Vision on Sensor Data: Predictive Maintenance for Medical Devices
21. Sep 2016

An MRT or a CT costs a lot of money. If these devices break down, both patients and maintainers take harm. mayato has recently developed a solution that evaluates a system’s sensor data and predicts whether a breakdown is bound to happen, and how to preemptively overcome this situation. Read more about our concept and implementation in our case study “X-Ray Vision on Sensor Data: Predictive Maintenance for Medical Devices” (in German).


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Integrated Company Planning Delivers Reliable Data and Enables Predictive Management
06. Jul 2016

Our  new case study describes the implementation of a business planning solution for a food production company. We helped our customer to obtain significantly faster and more exact planning process, through transparent and reliable data as well as new potential for savings.

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Churn Analysis for a Direct Bank
22. Mar 2016

Many industry sectors struggle with increasing numbers of customers that terminate their contracts. A new case study shows how customers, endangered to terminate their contracts, can be timely detected, with which apt preemptive measures can be taken. These results are exemplified by our work carried out for a direct bank.

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