Customer Analytics

Greater efficiency in marketing, sales, and CRM

The customer is the biggest bottleneck when it comes to growth in today’s competitive environment. Do you hold a position of responsibility in (direct) marketing, sales, or CRM and are you looking for new courses of action?

Do you want to know how you can align your customer service to be more individual, your marketing more efficient, and your sales approach more customer-centric? Then talk to us! We have a wealth of experience in translating customer data into decision-relevant knowledge. Do you want to know how you can align your customer service to be more individual, your marketing more efficient, and your sales more targeted? Then talk to us! We have a wealth of experience in translating customer data into decision-relevant knowledge.

Plan your advertising activities purposefully

Given the growing significance of online advertising with banners, Web sites, and apps, the efficient use of advertising budgets across all channels is a must.

The waning effectiveness of TV advertising means that many companies are asking:

  • What impact do which advertising activities in which channels have, for example, on sales, on the contribution margin, or on the number of visitors to the Web site?
  • How should we distribute our advertising budget across the many types of advertising media available to us?

Using our own extensively tested analysis approach, we can evaluate a combination of the most varied online and offline data and visualize this data clearly with graphics. In such a way, previously unknown correlations can be revealed, advertising effectiveness can be forecast for individual products, and the cornerstone can be set for efficient media planning.

Customer Analytics Strategy

Identifying and realizing small and big data scenarios in marketing, sales, and CRM is a challenging task. To be successful, careful planning using synchronized strategy modules is a must.

Do you have customer datasets in which you suspect valuable information but which haven’t yet been evaluated or can’t be accessed using conventional reporting? Do you need to know which questions can be answered with modern analysis methods and what effort is involved in retrieving those answers from your data? Do you ask yourself how you can integrate one-time analyses into day-to-day business long term from a technical and organizational perspective?

Based on our many years of practical experience, we work with you to devise your individual customer analytics roadmap. As well as looking at which analysis scenarios should be performed at what intervals, we examine many other topics: from the required personnel and financial resources to the anticipated analysis results and the question of what analysis tool is best-suited for the planned tasks.

If you wish, you can also take advantage of our coaching concept, which empowers you to perform more – and successively more complex – data analyses yourself.

Predict customer behavior

“What we forecast should actually happen!” In line with this aspiration, we can take your historical customer data and forecast future customer behavior in many ways using modern – and in some cases custom-developed – forecasting techniques. And we’re often uncannily accurate.

We have already answered the following questions for many small and large companies from a wide range of industries:

  • Which products should I preferentially offer to which customers (and when)?
  • Which channel is likely to be the most successful for addressing which customers (and when)?
  • Which customers will I probably lose (and when)?
  • Which products are typically bought by which customer group and in what order?
  • How can I ensure that customer evaluation is actually informative and useful?
  • How is customer value likely to develop over time?
  • Which customers might commit fraud?
  • Which audience should I target in a specific direct marketing campaign to make the most anticipated profit?
  • What specific measures can I derive from the existing customer structure?
  • What customer retention measures will likely be most successful in the long term?

Test us out! We would be happy to show you – for example, within the framework of a proof-of-concept – that our analysis methods will deliver valid results using your data, too.

The Potential of Social Media Analytics

Analyzing data from social networks is becoming increasingly important for companies. Ever since recommendation marketing – or word of mouth – moved into the digital world, companies have had to face up to the need to evaluate this data.

We give our customers the opportunity to obtain a comprehensive picture of the online activities related to their products and services, as well as those of their competitors. Furthermore, analyzing opinions and moods in social media enables trends to be identified early and thus responded to quickly.

Social media analytics can address the following issues:

  • Which brands, products, or topics are currently popular?
  • How satisfied are the users? (Sentiment analysis)
  • How well-known is my company?
  • Are my brand reinforcement activities effective?
  • Which followers can be turned into customers?
  • How does the competition present itself?

Feedback Analytics

To be able to provide targeted products and services, companies must be dynamic. Successful organizations know this and therefore use various analytical methods to evaluate customer feedback.

Automated processes enable the analysis of comprehensive and detailed customer feedback, as used in free-text fields in customer surveys or customer satisfaction analyses. Even information provided in letters, e-mails, or contact forms can be evaluated automatically and thus contribute to product design in the future.

Using text mining, this information – subjects, sentiments, trends, or suggestions – can be structured and evaluated.

  • Understand the topics your customers care about
  • Understand the sentiment (tone) contained in the communication
  • Identify frequently reported problems
  • Benefit from valuable impulses and fresh ideas

We are happy to support you in planning and implementing this process. In doing so, we draw on our profound knowledge of text mining, which we then deploy to provide you with tailored software to fit your individual needs.