Data Science

Valuable Insights with Advanced & Predictive Analytics

Data Science offers a powerful and sector-independent tool for further and forward-looking analysis of your databases.

Using mathematical formulaa, statistical analyses, artificial intelligence as well as machine learning, we create together with you the foundations for founded business decisions, based upon the valuable information hidden in your data.

With mayato, you are able to find out:

  • What brands, products or topics meet current trends
  • How satisfied users are
  • How well-known your company is
  • How competitors are presenting themselves

Data Mining

Our experienced data scientists accompany you through all the phases of your projects. We support you in building up structures and procedures, train your employees, and help you find out the proper way of employing data science for your particular situation and questions. Despite of this, teams that have already been employing these methods, can also reap benefit from our experience by obtaining hints on optimizing current processes, getting assessed when evaluating and introducing innovative approaches, or simply getting support when their workload is too big.

Typical for data mining are the following tasks:

  • Modelling forecasts and classifications
  • Clustering and segmentations
  • Anomaly & outlier analysis
  • Association & sequence analyses
  • Statistical data analyses

mayato offers you late-breaking knowledge and optimal solutions within short project times and with attractive conditions.
Do you have questions? Then feel free to contact us! We will provide competent consultancy!

Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis

Data not only comprises numbers – a lot of the information valuable for a business is contained in text. Text mining is used to gather and analyze this data.

Typical applications are:

  • Social media analytics
  • Analysis of sentiment and tone
  • Automated aggregation of text
  • Text classification, tagging, hierarchies of terms, taxonomies, ontology generation
  • Analysis of free-text fields and feedback fields
  • Pre-classification of e-mails according to topics, sentiment, and so on
  • Information extraction (for example, from websites, PDFs, text documents)
  • Determination of author characteristics through text analysis (age, gender, socio-economic status)
  • Chatbots
  • Specialized search engines
  • Trend identification

The methods used are as diverse as the application scenarios. Besides machine learning, deep learning, clustering, and topic models, we deploy information retrieval procedures. For information extraction, we use pattern recognition, crawling, and scraping.

We are happy to discuss your individual needs with you, so you can achieve your goals with the most suitable methods.