Financial Analytics

Control your company with figures and forecasts

By combining conventional analysis and planning tools with the newest methods for big data analytics, we bring to our customers a new dimension for assessing business alternatives.

Do you want to evaluate various possible courses of action when you make business decisions? Are you interested in controlling your company efficiently based on key figures and calculating products and services effectively? With our financial analytics solution concept, our customers gain huge competitive advantage. The method is based on analyzing business data, detecting previously unknown correlations, and predicting future developments with the help of modern forecasting techniques.

Performance analytics

Companies are faced with tough decisions every day. Using performance analytics, we find knowledge you can use to manage your company efficiently and give you the basis for making sound decisions. Risks can be minimized with targeted big data analytics, the future can be simulated, and all-important competitive advantage can be gained.

How can you plan enterprise development with unerring accuracy? For example, is it wise to make a certain investment? To what extent can costs be contained and stock reduced (while
still maintaining ability to deliver and observing banking requirements, of course)? Choosing the right alternative secures economic success in the long term and makes your company more prosperous as a whole. Our performance analytics solution is a unique combination of tried-and-true analysis and planning tools with the latest big data analysis technologies and methods.

Our procedure model for performance analytics includes:

  • Analysis of your current controlling concept and determination of improvement potential
  • Identification of additional information requirements
  • Analysis of actual data and its interdependencies with the help of statistical methods
  • Construction of models for mapping relevant business logic and the associated business logic development scenarios
  • Creation of complementary ways to measure the performance of your company as a whole and its business units and processes
  • Forecasting of growth and proportional changes by identifying patterns in your data

Finance and risk architecture for banks

The banking world is increasingly under pressure from tough regulation. Only on the basis of comprehensive, fully integrated finance and risk architecture can the extensive regulatory requirements be met effectively and cost-efficiently.

With this in mind, we offer finance and risk architecture based on:

  • Experience from numerous projects in banks of very different sizes and from a wide range of sectors
  • Our expert knowledge of data governance, data warehousing, and analytics
  • Our business know-how in accounting, reporting, and risk controlling

The combination and interaction of these components enables the efficient implementation of regulatory requirements based on the optimal organization of data, applications, and processes. The result is an IT architecture tailored to your needs with the effective use of standard software, high data quality, and conclusive data modeling by experts.

On the one hand, this necessary step gives you an analytical platform (improve and change the bank) that you can use to calculate your business success and meet today’s and tomorrow’s regulatory requirements. On the other hand, you are put in a position to close and control the data cycle consistently, right down to the operational/transactional level (run the bank).