Industry Analytics

Analytics – the fourth Industrial Revolution

Digitalization is becoming ever more prevalent in industry, with far-reaching effects on production processes, companies themselves, and service offerings for customers.

New business models are emerging. New services are being offered. A paradigm shift is taking place and requires fundamental rethinking on our part. Production is becoming smart. Maintenance and service are no longer a necessary evil but are being transformed into the innovation drivers of many companies.

Smart Production

For a long time now, modern industrial companies have no longer left the optimization of production processes merely to the built-in loop control systems of machines and the intelligence of the people that operate them. The combination and smart analysis of diverse data sources generates a whole host of new opportunities.

What happens if you have a production standstill? What happens to your time schedule? What about the planned delivery dates? What additional costs must you reckon with over time?

Would things be different if you – as head of production – knew in advance which machine was going to break down? And when exactly this was going to happen? And precisely which component would be at fault? And why this component would cause problems?

We can give you the answers you’re looking for. But how? It’s quite simple: Your machines feed you their sensor data continuously. It’s amazing what answers are concealed in this data – and all the more can be revealed when you combine the data with other information (maintenance reports, production and repair records, and much more).

mayato helps you to merge and analyze this data using state-of-the-art technologies. We have many years’ experience of setting up big data architectures and analyzing large and complex volumes of data.

Innovation in Maintenance and Service

For years, the “sell and forget” attitude was prevalent among manufacturers. Maintenance and especially warranty cases were a necessary evil; customer complaints were sometimes inevitable. But this is changing – to the benefit of both customers and manufacturers.

Even after they’re sold, many products still generate the most diverse data:

  • Data about the product itself and possible requirements for replacement parts or maintenance
  • Data about the environment in which the product is now located
  • Data about customer behavior and how the customer uses the product

This data provides countless opportunities to offer the buyer a wide range of services during the product’s lifetime, for example:

  • All-inclusive maintenance contracts
  • Use statistics and suggestions for optimization
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance

mayato is familiar with many such solutions. Our consultants know how to build such solutions, what technical components are needed, how to analyze the data – and also how to gain and retain customer trust and confidence using the right data protection measures.