IT Operations Analytics

IT generates and analyzes data

Modern IT landscapes are highly complex. To keep them running stably and also to ensure security are one of the biggest challenges CIOs face.

Systems and processes produce masses of data that provide clues about, for example, instability and technical issues – and also about possible security breaches and attackers. mayato analyzes this data together with the security experts at canacoon and enables you to take targeted action.

IT Operations Analytics

Using BDOI/A, we can show you how to explore and quantify the possibilities lying dormant in your company and in your existing data and processes, getting results fast. We can show
you how to achieve initial success, and how to set up BDOI/A step-by-step and expand it as a key element according to your needs.

As early as the initial health check, BDOA enables you to identify the potential for securing and improving the service quality and availability of your infrastructure using your existing data and processes. With an individually defined first use/PoC taking existing logs and other system data, we work with you to – within a short space of time – give you a more transparent view of your processes, reduce manual analysis effort, minimize processing times, and set the cornerstone for analyzing complex downtime scenarios. And we take care to use your resources efficiently.

By adding and including more data sources and methods in an integrated abnormality and error analysis (up-to-date, across units and silos, and on the basis of existing data), we empower you identify individual challenges quickly and efficiently, reproduce complex downtime scenarios promptly – and also to predict these scenarios in advance. And we complement this with tailored solutions for:

  • Individual end-to-end transparency
  • Establishing a reporting basis for needs-based further development of efficient IT
  • Predictive analytics for imminent system breakdowns and overload

When properly implemented, it can be proved that all steps result in reduced costs, lower processing times for critical incidents and system downtimes, and significantly less tying up
of highly qualified resources. Furthermore, we enable you to gain a better overview of all system-relevant processes with the identification of previously unknown correlations and
dependencies. Thanks to these measures, you can set the cornerstone for an efficient IT operating center (IT-OC), transparent processes, simplified troubleshooting, and thus for
optimized development and test processes, opportunities for improving offerings with regard to the SLAs, and increased customer satisfaction.

IT Security Analytics

Big Data Security Analytics (BDSA) combines existing data with log management, existing SIEM (security information and event management) solutions, network monitoring, and threat detection with the aim of minimizing security-relevant incidents and (re)acting swiftly and preemptively.

BDSA gathers all the relevant data from your network, and then connects it to detect security-sensitive scenarios in real time and take appropriate action. As a result, both operational efforts and risk are reduced significantly. BDSA combines data from log management, existing SIEM solutions, network monitoring, and threat detection. It enables us to minimize security-relevant incidents and therefore meet compliance requirements, particularly those related to risk management.

We interpret your IT infrastructure data and analyze it using big data analytics. This puts us in a position to gain a reliable picture of your current and future level of risk and threat – and puts you in a position to develop appropriate preventive measures and countermeasures before (!) problems arise. With the greatest possible accuracy, we can thus identify correlations and make forecasts about the probability of attacks on your IT infrastructure and the likelihood of their being successful.