Publications, Events, and Changes at mayato

Digital Transformation in Renewable Energy
20. Nov 2018

A central data management platform for analyzing aggregate sensor data

Collecting, processing and analytically evaluating its own historical data, sensor data and energy data centrally – with this goal in mind, a global energy group planned the development of a digital platform. All facilities for renewable energy were to be monitored and controlled in real time. The use of data science tools to analyze the vast quantity of data should enable predictive maintenance on a large scale.

But the first step was to bridge the gap between business users and IT: the energy group engaged Positive Thinking Company with this qualified change management. Our case study explains which hurdles had to be overcome and how the gap between business users and IT was closed.

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Recommender System for an Online Sales Platform
30. Oct 2018

For an online retailer, mayato created a customer and product segmentation using historical sales data. Based on buying behavior, mayato experts detected preferences to differentiate customers from each other and structured the product offering accordingly.

Read our case study ‘Recommender System for an Online Sales Platform‘ to find out how even less complex, cluster-based approaches bring great added value and why this model was successful.

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Streaming Analytics: Realtime Sensor Data #mayatoVideo
22. Oct 2018

Manufacturing companies generate a particularly large amount of technical data. But great potential for process optimization and cost reduction remains untapped if this data isn’t analyzed. With a simple example, mayato shows how real-time sensor data can be used, visualized, and processed to avoid undesirable situations, such as machine breakdowns, at an early stage.

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AI to Comply with the General Data Policy Regulation
17. Oct 2018

GDPR: Making Data Anonymous

Hardly any other regulation has caused such a level of activity in companies, associations, and organizations as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After a transitional period of two years, the regulation, which applies across Europe, became effective on May 25, 2018. Since this day, any processing of personal data has been prohibited, at least initially. What may appear to be beneficial for consumers is posing major organizational challenges to companies as well as to doctors and hospitals, and raises the question: Does this regulation signify the end of data mining?


#meetmayato the VDE Event Series about Artificial Intelligence
04. Oct 2018

Dr.Cäcilia-Zirn, Data Science Beraterin bei mayato

Meet Dr. Cäcilia Zirn, our expert and Head of Artificial Intelligence at mayato, on 25th ot October 2018 at the VDE lecture series on “Artificial Intelligence, Curse or Blessing” in Frankfurt a. M.. With two further experts in the field, Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting, Head of the Machine Learning Group at the TU Darmstadt and Alfred Ermer, CEO arago da vinci GmbH, you will gain insights into the advantages and risks of artificial intelligence.

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