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HANA – Tips to Check Out
01. Mar 2013

Gaining first insights with SAP HANA must not necessarily include great efforts – some information and couple of hours of expenditure of time are enough. mayato elucidates this procedure in the German magazine Computerwoche.

Application Scenarios for SAP HANA
25. Feb 2013

Among many customers and market observers, SAP HANA is especially perceived as an accelerator for existing applications. As a matter of fact, SAP’s new technological flagship also conveys new possibilities, e.g. in the fields of real-time analysis. A new Whitepaper from mayato (in German) by Mr. Markus Alterauge, reveals application scenarios and SAP HANA’s potential.

Analytic Data Throttle
12. Feb 2013

In the age of “Big Data”, analytics tools must process ever-increasing amounts of data, which leads to performance problems. Remedy can be provided by In-Memory technology, in which data are accessed from the CPU’s main memory, enabling faster data processing. Something deemed impossible a few years ago, is now state of the art technology, as explained by mayato’s CEO Dr. Marcus Dill in an article (in German) supplied by Business & IT.

SAP HANA – Much More Than Just Quick Storage
19. Jan 2013

SAP HANA’s top-of-mind is about boosting performance – enabled by means of In-Memory technology among other things. But HANA is more than just a quick storage medium. SAP’s new top seller also contains a plethora of valuable, in-memory-optimized functionalities, which – due to its proximity to the data in the main memory – also allow very complex analyses in real-time, unfolding new potentials. Read this related article (in German).