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mayato Develops Text Mining Analysis Model
01. Oct 2018

mayato accelerates knowledge building with text mining and successfully examines digital technologies for the manufacturing industry

Are you confronted with complex questions and would like to use research literature, articles or analyses to find answers? mayato has developed a text mining analysis model to evaluate and synthesize texts and document collections in the context of research literature.

In this white paper, mayato takes an actual example to show how productivity in R&D companies can be increased through the text mining analysis of research papers. In the example, the structuring and synthesis of literature is automated for a literature review about sensor data applications in industrial manufacturing. The results graphically demonstrate the potential of the analysis model applied.

Find out which data science methods form the basis of this model, how it is structured and which advantages companies benefit from.

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After Work #mayatoTalksData – 10th October 2018 in Berlin
10. Sep 2018

“Applied Magic: Real Data Science Solutions in Practice” is the topic of our next after-work event #mayatoTalksData on 10th October 2018. For those who are interested in the program we invite you to the Design Offices Berlin from 6 – 9 p. m.. Attendees will have the chance to network with mayato and other attendees over tasty drinks and snacks. The attendance is free of charge.


Coaxing a 20th-century factory into the new millennium
23. Aug 2018

Retrofitting legacy machinery with IoT-ready control units

Once the plant of an established manufacturer of metal-mesh personal safety equipment was highly innovative. Built in the 1960s and upgraded with the most modern electronic controllers available in the 1980s – is starting to show the weaknesses of its age: although the machinery still works smoothly, the electronic components are woefully out-of-date: replacement parts are no longer easily obtainable, so malfunctions can result in stoppages of unforeseeable duration. In addition, manual processes make process flows more difficult: Starting up a production batch involves flashing a memory card with the process instructions and walking it over to a controller box mounted onto the equipment, where it is slotted in by hand. The procedure has been repeated for each new run, several times a day – for the last 30 years.

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Predictive Technical Diagnoses
17. Aug 2018

Development of a predictive service and maintenance solution for laboratory systems from Siemens Healthineers with SAS

Atellica Solution für fortschrittliche Labordiagnostik
Atellica Solution for advanced laboratory diagnostic (image rights Ⓒ Siemens Healthineers)

Siemens Healthineers is among the world’s leading companies in diagnostic medical technology. For the new clinical laboratory diagnostics system Atellica Solution, the company incorporated the integration of a predictive service and maintenance solution and chose mayato for its conceptual design and implementation.

Reporting malfunctions to customer service should be the exception rather than the rule for users of the laboratory diagnostics system Atellica® Solution. As early as the development phase, the engineers from Siemens Healthineers defined which machine data of the future diagnostic laboratory system could be relevant.


After Work #mayatoTalksData – 3rd September 2018 in Frankfurt
15. Aug 2018

On 3rd September 2018 we will continue our after-work event series #mayatoTalksData in Frankfurt. Learn more about the topic “Artificial intelligence in practical testing – the reality behind the hype” and swap ideas with mayato experts and participants over tasty drinks and snacks. The participation is free of charge. Spoken language is German.