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Business Intelligence & Business Analytics require a sustainable strategy, appropriate tools, effective, as well as flexible architectures, and a proper methodology for project management and governance.

In the times of Big Data, it is becoming evermore clear that it is impossible to bring forth innovation without IT-based data analysis. Generating ideas is simply not enough. Putting these into practice depends on adequate technologies, solid expertise in their deployment, and tidily orchestrating these in projects and architectures.

Data Warehouses and Big Data

The increasing amount and the complexity of data in modern companies pose enormous challenges to IT systems. At the same time, the demands on flexible, reliable, and performant processes within the IT landscape are steadily increasing. Conventional IT architecture with classic technologies often can’t cope with real-time analysis and self-service BI. Users expect maximum performance in data processing and evaluation, easy-to-use analysis techniques, and modern front-ends for interactive visualization of correlations.

Setting up a data warehouse or a big data solution economically, running it efficiently and with high performance, and making it effective requires a delicate combination of modern technologies and an acute awareness of how to handle the many possibilities of these tools using tried-and-true standards and best practices.

To develop innovative solutions for you, we operate independently and continuously train our team in established solutions as well as new technologies. In addition to SAP and SAS, we mainly focus on the following:

  • EXASolution is – thanks to in-memory technology and various innovative concepts – the world's fastest database. Especially its intelligent method for optimally using the main memory, which involves making decisions about what data should be held when and on which computer, gives EXASOL a competitive advantage. Not only is EXASolution ultrafast, but it also requires little manual intervention and therefore very little maintenance. We believe EXASolution is a good choice as an affordable and highly modern database for your analytical solutions.
  • Platforms such as Microsoft, Talend or Informatica offer comprehensive toolkits with sophisticated ways of integrating data with a data warehouse, handling big data, and integrating enterprise services. We use this potential to build modern solutions for your processes. These two platforms also provide a wide range of tools for data quality management and master data management – both of which are vital in functioning data landscapes. Furthermore, Informatica is a market leader in tools and concepts for test data management and data protection.
  • With tools such as Tableau, IBM Cognos BI, and Qlik, we create customized solutions and develop data visualizations applying modern standards of design. As a pioneer in the field of self-service BI, Tableau offers intuitive and simple data visualization, enabling users to perform autonomous analyses in a reliable environment.
  • For access to SAP data, the products from the company Theobald Software have proven themselves on the market. Numerous Theobald interfaces enable straightforward data transfer from SAP solutions to other software systems. A feature highlight is the connection of SAP delta queues.
  • Of course, we also help you select and implement Hadoop, NoSQL technologies, streaming tools, analytics libraries, and whatever else is required for your big data or data warehouse solution.

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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Reporting, Planning, and Analytics

With the help of reports and analysis tools, your business experts can exploit the real benefits of the data available. Intuitive front ends, transparent financial indicator systems, and smart tools facilitate the process of generating knowledge from data.

mayato supports you in selecting, implementing, and using tools from a wide range of categories:

  • For standard reporting solutions and dashboards, we use IBM Cognos and MicroStrategy as well as tools from SAP (supplemented with graphomate) and SAS.
  • Today, self-service business intelligence (SSBI) is state-of-the-art for business analyses and enables users to interactively – and primarily visually – search the data for relevant correlations themselves. We like to work with the most carefully conceived tools for such purposes, and these are provided by Tableau, Qlik, and Microsoft.
  • Predictive analytics makes possible the automated analysis of large datasets to detect complex correlations and to forecast future events. We recommend the tools SAS, Statistica, Rapidminer, and SPSS, although we also commonly use the relevant SAP components and open source software such as R, Python, and KNIME.
  • For planning applications, SAP is the principle provider of leading, powerful, and multifunction tools. But we also work with Cognos TM1 from IBM and special tools.

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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As a long-standing EXASOL partner, mayato has a team of experts who are very familiar with how EXASOL’s innovative in-memory database works in practice, and who can integrate this technology into your IT architecture – tailor-made and custom-aligned. We support our customers with various ETL tools, joining datasets from different sources and processing the data with EXASolution in a way that it can be used in real time and across company departments for analyses and reports.

In addition to building the required ETL routes, mayato creates reporting and dashboard applications and provides a sound basis of analytical solutions.

Our goal is to support you in developing your BI strategy. To achieve this, we offer the following services:

  • Architecture consulting for heterogenous system landscapes
  • Design and deployment of analytical data models and ETL processes for modeling approaches such as data vault
  • Custom developments and integration with other technologies
  • Monitoring and quality assurance of all loading and database processes
  • Big data and analytics: Where necessary, we integrate analytical components by developing solutions with R or by using specialized software applications from leading providers
  • Data visualization: Upon request, we develop reporting and dashboard applications with tools such as Tableau or IBM Cognos BI to optimally process and evaluate your data
  • Performance tuning, system optimization, system administration
  • Workshops and training for your team

We use modern procedure models and agile modeling methods to ensure that your project runs successfully. Furthermore, mayato was awarded the accolade Best Consulting Partner by EXASOL – a sure sign of the two companies’ thriving cooperation.

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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As a long-standing SAP partner, we offer the entire range of SAP’s analytical solutions. Depending on the requirements and needs, we complement these with solutions and components from other vendors.

We provide support for our customers on site and where necessary take hold of reliable nearshore and offshore partners.

Enterprise Data Warehousing

  • Planning and implementing of entire Data Warehouse solutions.
  • Based upon SAP BW on HANA, BW 4/HANA, SAP HANA native SQL, or hybrid approaches.
  • Deployment of modern procedure models, agile modelling methods, and integral architectures assure successful project development.

Big Data

  • Integrating poly-structured bulk data into a Distributed File System (HDFS) by means of SAP HANA Vora.

Data Integration and ETL Processes

  • Classical data integration in SAP BW.
  • Deployment of SAP Data Services as a performant ETL tool for managing SAP BW, SAP HANA, and relational Data Warehouse systems.
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI) and SAP HANA Smart Data Access (SDA) in a SAP HANA context.


  • Data Warehousing.
  • SAP HANA smart data integration, SAP HANA smart data quality
  • Developing solutions, based upon e.g. SAP ACS (Assurance and Compliance Software)
  • Migration of SAP HANA artifacts: migration planning and execution (e.g. XS Classic à XS Advanced).
  • SAP HANA Application Lifecycle Management: native SAP HANA Transport.

Enterprise Reporting

  • Reporting, OLAP, and dashboards with SAP’s front-end tools such as Lumira 2.0, Analysis for Office and Web Intelligence.
  • Graphomate add-ons for the implementation of HICHERT®IBCS, etc..

Advanced Analytics

  • Text Analytics, Streaming Analytics, and Predictive Analytics.
  • As needed, we enrich SAP’s analytical components with developments in R or software packages from specialized vendors.

Housekeeping and Enhancement of Corporate Security

  • SAP Log Data Analytics: analysis and prediction of system performance, pattern recognition, etc.
  • Health checks.
  • Performance tuning, system optimization, release change, etc.

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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The SAS Institute is one of the world’s biggest software providers in the field of business intelligence and business analytics. In these areas, SAS offers tools for practically every issue and user role.

mayato has a team of experts who understand and are intimately familiar with the SAS systems and solutions, thanks to many years of practical experience. As an SAS Consulting
Partner, we work closely with the experts at SAS and are therefore always up to speed in terms of current developments. Furthermore, all the consultants in the team are SAS-certified.
And that benefits you, our customer!

In keeping with our mission, we can support you in designing and implementing solutions that deliver the right information at the right time to the right place in the areas of data
warehousing, analytics, and data mining. Our SAS consultants have extensive project experience, which they gathered in projects such as these:

  • Planning and implementation of data warehouse solutions
  • Provision of reports, dashboards, or OLAP cubes with the SAS Business Intelligence solutions
  • Migration of existing SAS Base applications to the more modern SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform
  • Development and operational use of data mining models, for example, for campaign optimization, early detection of churning, and risk management.

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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IBM Cognos / IBM TM 1

You want to introduce a new reporting and planning system with IBM Cognos?

With its consulting services, mayato covers everything from the planning of the IBM Cognos solution’s structure, through its implementation and go-live, to its actual operation. We support new implementations with the following services:

  • Requirements analysis and consulting regarding a pricing and licensing model
  • Development of a conceptual model for the use of IBM Cognos products

You want to keep your IBM Cognos BI environment working, optimize it, or extend it?

mayato offers highly competent consulting for companies whose IBM Cognos BI environments are already set up, to ensure that their reporting systems are running efficiently:

  • Data modeling with IBM Cognos Framework Manager, IBM Cognos Transformer, and IBM Cognos Cube Designer
  • Performance optimization of your existing system and improvement of your reporting architecture using tools such as IBM Cognos Metric Manager
  • Efficient integration of data sources into IBM Cognos
  • Self-service BI with IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced and IBM Watson Analytics
  • IBM Cognos administration
  • Report creation with IBM Cognos Report Studio, IBM Cognos PowerPlay, and IBM Cognos Impromptu
  • Data analysis (using IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes, IBM Cognos PowerPlay Cubes, and IBM Cognos DMR)
  • Automation of reporting with IBM Cognos
  • User training for working with Cognos BI for all areas of reporting
  • Support for migrating to new versions

mayato offers the above range of consulting services for the following IBM Cognos products:

  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 8
  • IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10
  • IBM Cognos Analytics 11

You want to use IBM Cognos as an efficient IT tool for enterprise planning, and merge, analyze, and interpret all your business processes and data so you can make sound business decisions?

With IBM Cognos TM1, you cover your entire planning cycle – from objective setting and budgeting to reporting, analysis, and forecasting. With the help of mayato’s expertise and Cognos TM1, you can perform extended business analyses, requirements analyses, scorecarding, simulation, and more – ultimately enabling optimal enterprise planning. Through our proficient consulting services, we support you in accessing valuable insights, trends, and correlations any time, at the touch of a button:

  • Requirements analysis and consulting regarding a pricing and licensing model
  • Creation of IT business blueprints with tried-and-true methodology
  • Process analysis and process optimization
  • Definition and execution of KPIs and individual KPI concepts
  • Design and implementation of integrated solutions for analysis, planning, and simulation
  • Design and implementation of standard reports and dashboards
  • Design und Umsetzung von Analytics-Applikationen
  • Design and deployment of analytics applications

Contact us! mayato is happy to advise you about effectively integrating and using IBM Cognos at your company and show you the potential that can be realized by deploying IBM Cognos.

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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As one of the leading technology platforms for business intelligence and business analytics, Microsoft provides solutions for data warehousing, big data, data analytics, and self-service BI – both local and in the cloud. In addition to industry-leading capabilities for scalability, performance, and availability, Microsoft offers you real-time analytics and comprehensive mobile end-to-end-BI solutions to ensure your applications keep pace with the times. Transform the data available in your company to gain intelligent insights and use the results for standardized or interactive reporting.

mayato has a team of experts to support you in using the entire Microsoft portfolio with the greatest success, including the following products:

  • The tried-and-true BI solution Microsoft SQL Server, and its associated components SSAS and SSRS
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Azure solutions such as Azure Data Lake, Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure ML
  • Industry-specific IoT solutions, for example, Azure IoT Suite
  • Data analytics solutions such as SQL Server R Services

To support you in implementing your BI strategy, we offer services in the following – and other – areas:

  • Planning and implementation of data warehouse, big data, and data analytics solutions
  • Conceptual design and implementation of data models and ETL processes
  • Development and implementation of data analytics models for intelligently analyzing your data
  • Development and provision of standardized or interactive reports, taking account of design rules and ease of use
  • Business requirements analysis and project management
  • Consulting and license selection
  • Workshops and training courses

mayato offers you cutting-edge knowledge and optimal solutions with short project times and attractive conditions.

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